First of all, I am elated to have figured out how to get my slideshows back on my blog. Thank you very much Nic Pfost for helping out with my FTP problems. Alright, so on Valentine’s Day my house was filled with about 10 Jr. High girls who were attending a student conference at my parent’s church. We were their host home. It was an experience to say the least and I learned how some of these girls were hopelessly obsessed with Twilight. What a depressing day it will be for them when they realize that no Edward Cullen is going to come and whisk them away.


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  1. March 10, 2009

    well that solves the blog problem…nice stuff…what a good way to spent valentine’s day. i’m allergic to all this pink fluffy or blown up junk that people for some reason purchase in ridiculous amounts to prove their affection to each other. hope you’ll come to ogden…i’m rooting for you (out loud in front of my editor)!

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