Wasted Effort

There is a very loose, slightly ironic, connection between these photos from two assignments I covered today.

One was early in the morning down in Horn Lake, MS to cover the city’s participation in the Great American Clean-Up and made this photo of young Alex Freeze hauling a bag of trash that was practically as big as him.

The second photo is for a business profile on hair stylist, Feras Hdaib, working on Jasmine Crew’s prom hair. As I am finishing up with Feras, he tries to get me to schedule my own hair cut. I politely and professional dodged the question, but in my mind I was saying “STAY AWAY FROM MY GLORIOUS MANE!” Then Feras runs out of the salon to hand me a coupon to give to my girlfriend for a 1/2 off first visit.

So, if I don’t have a girlfriend, then didn’t Feras technically litter by giving me a coupon I won’t use since I will ultimately throw it away?

I guess my day was garbage in and garbage out.


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  1. April 25, 2010

    That last shot is great. Every space in the photo is filled with another complete image that helps to tell the story. I have a hard time getting them lined up like that.

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