Today I photographed Will & Tori White’s Wedding in Union City. Here’s some portraits we did earlier in the week in Memphis. The weather indicated sunny skies, hot with classic Memphis humidity until Monday morning when a thunderstorm came out of nowhere. Well, it caught my iPhone’s weather app off guard, and the storm threatened to ruin the shoot. I was scrambling to come up with alternative spots that could support some kind of shelter above us, with good light and were free. Turn’s out that really isn’t possible at the last minute, but I did manage to come up with a couple that were not my first choice, but would have functioned. After watching the clouds out my window move by and checking the doppler online, I decided to take my chances and go with my original plan. In the end, about 90% of the storm had passed before our scheduled time to shoot, so everything worked out and it left some nice overcast clouds to really soften the light. I found out during the shoot that Tori prayed for it to be not hot out when were shooting and she was well obliged.

Also, thanks to Natalie Newberry for helping me out for these portraits and thanks to Beth Spain for helping me out at the wedding today. Both of you are awesome.



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  1. May 30, 2010

    Kyle the pics are are such an awesome photographer. I came by the church yesterday before the wedding started in hopes of getting to see you…Kimberly sent me there to give you a hug and say hello. You were already in the sanctuary making pictures of the bridal couple and I didn't want to interrupt so I waited a while and then left. We had an other commitment and I was unable to come to the wedding. I cant wait to see her pictures, I hope she allows you to upload them to your site. Just so you will know, Kimberly and the children will be in Union City, June 4 – June 12, if you have time you are more than welcome to come and visit. Again,you are an awesome photographer and I wish you much success in your profession.

  2. June 5, 2010

    Very nice! I like the one of both of them with the umbrella by the fountain, plus the last one. And some more in between. Good job. :)Oh, what lenses were you shooting with?

  3. nNn #
    June 6, 2010

    oh Ky, i love how they turned out.

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