“A schedule is like a house of cards. Take one away and they all come tumbling down.” -Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury, Richie Rich

This quote can basically summarize my saturday morning. When the call I got from my editor friday night started with “okay…so I’m going to have to give you a pep talk for Saturday.” I knew it was going to be a long day. In short, a bunch of key stories for the weekend fell through at the last minute, except my 7:30 am assignment (lucky me). I was reassigned to a redistricting story (which was a bunch of people crammed in a small room starting at another person talking, not visually exciting) and then left to feature hunt in DeSoto County.

I quickly ran through the Hernando Farmers Market and found the two girls munching on cupcake cones between the 7:30 am race story and the redistricting meeting, but felt I needed one more image. I heard a rumor of a car wash for St. Jude going on at an Advance Auto parts, but it was untrue as I checked every store in the area. They had no idea of any carwash. I decided last minute to meander over to Olive Branch and saw some boy scouts holding these flaming signs of “Chicken” and “Butts.” Though I knew butts meant pork meat, it was still kind of funny to see a boy waving a “Butts” sign at passing cars. So I pulled over and got my second feature. Scary thing was that I’ve been shooting in DeSoto long enough now some of the scouts recognized me. Finally, at 12:30 I made my way back home to edit and transmit. Definitely one of my crazier saturdays.


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