In August, I flew out to Utah to attend Mike and Djamila’s wedding. Both are amazing photographers whom I met and worked alongside at various photography workshops over the past few years. I am a big fan of both of their work. It was a fun ceremony, and one of the most photographed weddings ever. There had to have been at least 50 photographers present with their cameras, which made for a great day, especially when it rained part way through the afternoon. I wish Mike and Djamila all the best in their adventures together.Mike&Mila_001Mike&Mila_002Mike&Mila_003Mike&Mila_004Mike&Mila_005Mike&Mila_006Mike&Mila_007Mike&Mila_008Mike&Mila_009Mike&Mila_010Mike&Mila_011Mike&Mila_012Mike&Mila_013Mike&Mila_014Mike&Mila_015Mike&Mila_016Mike&Mila_017


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