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2011 in Review: Person of the Year: The Protestor

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This is the first in a series of posts looking back at my work last year. ┬áTo kick things off this slideshow is my localized version of TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year: The Protestor. While I did not cover any groups that “occupied” anything. I did cover rallies, debates. arguments and picketers for school charters, bike lanes, union workers, environmental activism, and so on. So, here’s to the protestor.

Yep, this was my Saturday

’nuff said.

Top: Dressed up as a banana, Honeysuckle, a pitt bull, waits to receive a snack while trick or treating with her owner around the stores surrounding Three Dog Bakery, who hosted a “Growl-o-ween” event for dogs. Besides trick or treating, there was a costume contest and everyone walked away with a bag of snacks for their pets.

Bottom: New members of the ATO fraternity at Rhodes College prepare for the homecoming parade with some stretches before they have to pull their house’s float around the campus while wearing nothing but underwear.

A few weeks ago, I covered a local Ganesh festival. Which can be explained here: but long story short, lots of parades and good food and sending Ganesha back to heaven by being sunk in water. Also, while researching this on wikipedia I came across this little tidbit that I thought was interesting.

“Today, the Ganesh Festival is not only a popular festival, it has become a very critical and important economic activity for Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Bangalore and Chennai. Many artists, industries, and businesses survive on this mega-event. Ganesh Festival also provides a stage for budding artists to present their art to the public.”