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My Best of 2013

Wow! 2013 was an adventurous year. In spite of all the people I had the privilege of photographing this year, these first two photos really represent the absolute best moments of my 2013. My wife, Hannah, and I welcomed our first child, Silas, into the world on October 28th. We had a home birth in our living room with a midwife because, to quote comedian Jim Gaffigan, (whose wife also had home births) “we believe in witchcraft.” Calling Hannah a trooper doesn’t even come close to describing the feats she accomplished bringing Silas into the world. She labored for a grand total of 41 hours, the last five of those pushing, with no pain killers! Silas was born happy and healthy at 8 lbs. 14oz. Now we are enjoying the grand adventure that is parenthood and having a blast along the way. The photo at the top is one of my favorites photos of Silas so far, he is about 6 weeks old.

HannahHere is Hannah, about 30 hours into labor, relaxing through her contractions in the kiddie pool we set up in our living room for our water birth. Her turtle friend was a thermometer one of the midwives brought to monitor the water temperature. In order to fill the pool, I had to use two large pots while running back and forth from the kitchen. 

So, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year. Here’s to all the adventures to come in 2014. Please enjoy some highlights of my work from this past year.

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Odissi Girls

January 26, 2013 – (top) Riya Bhattachary and (bottom) Manasa Yanamndra install the finishing pieces of their odissi costumes before performing the traditional dance at Republic Day of India celebration at the Burt Ferguson Community Center in Cordova. Hosted by the India Association of Memphis, the Republic Day of India celebration honors the date when the Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950.