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Legs & Scorpi

Last week, I covered Terminix employees talking to second graders at Idlewild Elementary about the differences between spiders and insects. They brought two arachnids as living examples, a tarantula named Legs and an emperor scorpion named Scorpi. Some of the students, including Sydney Berry (above), were horrified to be so close to these creatures while others like Nathanial Ivy (below, hands) were eager for a turn holding Legs.

I found Scorpi to be a more interesting specimen. When emperor scorpions are exposed to ultraviolet light they turn from dark blues and blacks to vibrant, indiglo green.

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Seed Swap

January 26, 2013 – (right) Charlie Harris looks over seed packets for sale during a seed swap held at the Lichterman Nature center. Gardners from across the mid-south gathered to share the fruits of their gardening labors.

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Binghampton Love

Children and volunteers from the urban art garden walk the streets of Binghampton installing heart shaped signs the children made on neighborhood lawns as a valentine to the residents of Binghampton. The mission of the urban art garden is to work with inner city children to transform a blighted, vacant lot into a place of beauty. Local artists and volunteers work each week with over 50 children doing various art projects.

Binghampton_Love002 Binghampton_Love003 Binghampton_Love004 Binghampton_Love005 Binghampton_Love006 Binghampton_Love007

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Polar Plunge

(Above) Jason Benson and Wes Bennett dive into the 34°F Wolf River, dressed as UPS delivery workers, while participating in the 14th Annual Polar Bear Plunge and Chili Cook-off at Mud Island River Park. (Below) Dressed as a polar bear, Ben Sumner, a Special Olympics athlete, receives a helping hand from a lifeguard after jumping into the Wolf River. The Polar Bear Plunge and Chili Cook-off raises support for the Special Olympics of Greater Memphis.